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Avoiding Basement Foundation Repair Mistakes

Avoiding Basement Foundation Repair Mistakes

Although the foundation is one of the most vital parts of your home, it is often the most overlooked. If you’d like to avoid costly repairs down the road, check out these basement foundation repair mistakes you should never make.

Ignoring the Red Flags

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring signs that their foundation needs maintenance. They might think these are just harmless effects of their house settling, but these reg flags indicate that it’s time for foundation repair:

  • Uneven, sloping, or cracked floors
  • Cracked moldings
  • Foundation cracks on blocks, stairs, or exterior walls
  • Ceiling separation
  • Bowing walls or ceiling
  • Cracked walls or ceiling
  • Trouble opening and closing doors or windows

Never ignore these foundation repair red flags. Call AK Water Works  to take a look at any of these issues.

Not Looking at the Big Picture

Another common mistake is thinking only about where you don’t want water to go and not where water should go. Homeowners will focus on creating a waterproof basement without looking at the big picture and considering where they want water to drain. Keeping your basement moisture-free is important for the safety of your health and your home. The only way to effectively prevent mold and moisture buildup in your basement is with a professional waterproofing service from AK Water Works .

Creating an exit route for water runoff is just as important as having a waterproof basement.

Only Fixing Immediate Problems

Homeowners who like to DIY can solve many problems. However, many DIYers make the mistake of solving surface-level problems and ignoring the underlying issues when it comes to foundation repair. Patching cracks and plugging leaks are good to do, but most homeowners stop there. If you have major drainage or foundation issues, you shouldn’t stop fixing them after the immediate problems are gone. Sometimes you need a professional to look at the big picture and discuss what is the underlying issue and what will it take to fix that issue. 

With water, always look further and if you can't figure it out, call AK Water Works to help you troubleshoot and resolve the entire problem. 

And Failing to Practice Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to creating a waterproof basement or repairing foundation cracks, even experienced DIYers may not know what next steps to take. This is an area where you have to look at the big picture again. Do I have missing or defective gutters or downspouts? Is the grading around my house sloping in the right direction? Pay attention to the paths your water is flowing. If you can't figure it out, give us a call. Located in Warren, Ohio AK Water Works fixes basement cracks and water all over the valley. Just patching the cracks is not always the answer. It is critical to find the underlying problem and assess the structural safety of the foundation before starting the repairs.

Choosing Cheap and Simple Solutions

Homeowners tend to like DIY solutions because they can save a lot of money. However, when it comes to the foundation of your home, cheap and simple is not the way to go. When a foundation cracks, moisture seeps into your basement; it damages valuables like carpeting, keepsakes, and furniture; it promotes mold growth and disrupts your peace of mind.

Fixing foundation cracks isn’t as simple as squirting epoxy into them. Do you know why the foundation cracked? Is the crack in the wall or the floor? There are different ways to fix each type of crack. Cutting costs now can end up costing you much more in the future when your home isn’t adequately protected from damage. All cracks eventually leak. Fixing only the leaking ones just delays the inevitable, and costs more in the long run.

Whether you’re worried about a foundation crack, noticing foundation repair red flags, or want a waterproof basement, you can call our experts at AK Water Works (330-574-1507). We can give you the answers you need and help you avoid making these common mistakes. If you suspect that your home’s foundation needs repair, call AK Waterworks. It will be worth it.

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