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Basement Waterproofing Systems

Basement Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing basements can seem like a daunting task, and at first, it is. You may not even know where to start when you’re waterproofing a basement. Luckily, there are several different ways to waterproof a basement from the interior and exterior, but there are also many factors to consider when you waterproof your basement. These factors consist of the cost, how accessible it is, whether your basement is finished and if you are willing to tear up the existing landscape outside of your house.

The most popular ways to waterproof a basement, or “The Big Three,” are an interior sealant, an exterior sealant, or finally, a drainage system. Each of these different methods solves the problem of a wet basement in different ways.

The first method requires you to put on a coat of a water-based sealant on the interior basement. The sealant will coat the floors, walls, windows, and doorframes of your basement from the inside. There are also special sealants used for cracks, holes, and other ways water could enter your basement. Now time to look at how this intertwines with the factors mentioned previously. Firstly, this method is the cheapest overall and also very accessible as you can find many basement sealants at nearly any hardware store. However, this will become more costly if you have a finished basement. You will have to most likely replace your current carpet and move furniture and other such things to different locations for the project’s duration, which can be anywhere from two days to five days. Lastly, you will not have to worry about destroying any landscaping as this method is entirely indoors. Contact AK Water Works today at 330-547-1507 to discuss this option for your basement waterproofing job! 

The second method will require you to put a layer of polymer-based sealant on the outside of your basement. If you were lucky when you first became a homeowner, then this step would have already been completed, leaving you with one of the other two methods to choose from to patch up any problems. If you weren’t so lucky, then this job will take a ton of work, and heavy machinery. First, you would have to excavate the area around your basement, wash it with a high power pressure washer, and then coat it with the sealer. This job is costly and can be risky if you do not understand the process, so you may want to consult someone who has done this before, or even better, a consultant. This method can be costly, as mentioned previously, and will require you to tear up the landscape around your house. This job is also not accessible because you will need heavy machinery, but there is always the possibility of renting heavy machinery. While this method is expensive, is risky, and destroys the landscaping, it solves the root of the problem, removing a high chance of future problems. However, there is still a small chance of the issues, especially if you have a broken or improperly put-in-place drainage system, the final system discussed. Contact AK Water Works today to discuss this option for your basement waterproofing job! We already have the heavy machinery and the experience!

Basement Waterproofing
Basement Waterproofing

The drainage system is put in place by repairing, replacing, or installing a system for the first time. There are two critical components to a drainage system, the exterior drainage system, including gutters, pipes, and soil. Then, the interior drainage system includes a sump pump and the pipes to pump it away. This method works best with either of the other two methods, as it will stop new issues from forming if you decide on interior waterproofing , or any issues at all if you decide on exterior waterproofing . This process is in the medium price range and works directly to stop the problem’s source, but does not seal your basement if it fails. It also requires you to install a gutter system, which can be quite daunting, and a sump pump, which can also be incredibly daunting. This drainage system takes place on both the interior and exterior of the house, but someone skilled in this should complete it without any major damage to either. Contact AK Water Works today at 330-547-1507 to discuss. We have the experience to do your basement waterproofing job! 

All of these methods work best in combination with each other, as they all have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a quick rundown of the process of each of the methods. 

Interior Waterproofing:

  1. Clear out any objects blocking floors, walls, windows, doors, etc.
  1. Peel all paint off
  1. Fill any cracks or gaps with hydraulic cement.
  1. Paint new water-based sealant on the walls. When it dries, the sealant will be formed.

Exterior Waterproofing:

  1. Remove any landscaping that could get in the way of excavating
  1. Excavate the dirt around the house
  1. Wash off the outside walls of the basement completely
  1. Coat in polymer-based sealant
  1. Wait for sealant to dry
  1. Fill excavated land back in

Drainage System:

Interior drainage system:

  1. Dig a trench on the basement floor to connect the French drain and sump pump
  1. Install sump pump, make sure it will work on a generator in case power goes out
  1. Install French drain
  1. Fill the trench with gravel and make sure smooth with the floor
  1. Seal everything

Exterior drainage system:

  1. Replace, upgrade or install gutters and downspouts
  1. Make sure land slopes away from your house to prevent water from trapping
  1. Replace the soil with soil that releases water easily

As mentioned many times, these systems work best in combination with each other. Many houses also have an exterior sealant already on the basement, leaving you to pick one or both of the methods to fix any wear out of the sealant. AK Waterworks will come out and evaluate your water issues and recommend the best solution for your home.

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